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15 reasons why I dislike the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

These last few days, I've been daydreaming about what would happen if I was stuck in the TARDIS with the three doctors I know (namely Nine, Ten and Eleven) and I could only get out through falling in love with them. 

Well, the answer was, it would be easy to fall in love with Nine, for a number of reasons. There are many things I really like about him and nothing I really dislike. 

It would also be easy to fall in love with Eleven, despite a few things I really don't like about him. There's so much to simply love about him. 

But with Ten it would be really difficult. And it puzzled me, because while he's very much unlike Nine, he shares so many traits with Eleven, both positive and negative. 

So why do I like Eleven so much and dislike Ten just as much? I've read several posts on why people like or dislike Ten, trying to make sense of it all. And I've finally come to the conclusion that they don't fully explain how I feel about him. 

So here's this post: my top 15 reasons why I just can't fall in love with Ten, however hard I try. These are 15 negative traits that neither Nine nor Eleven share. As far as I know (I've only watched seasons 1 to 5 of the revival), they belong to Ten alone.

1. The way Ten pronounces words

When I saw his first episode, "The Christmas Invasion", this was about the first thing that bothered me. At that time I had such high expectations for the Tenth Doctor. It took me a long time (about six episodes) to really start liking Nine, but by the end of his series I loved him. So after "The Parting of the Ways" I thought "this one is cuter, younger, and he can't be weirder than Nine, so I'm probably going to fall head over heels for him right away. Great!". And then he started talking.

It's nothing to do with his accent. I don't mind the occasional Scottish accent in him any more than I do with Amy. It's that he pronounces words as if he were chewing them. It just ruins so many big moments. When he gives his great speech to the defeated Sycorax (wonderful speech, by the way), just listen at the way he says "potential", as if it was "potchentchial". The worst he gets is when he surrenders repeatedly to the Cybermen in "Rise of the Cybermen". You'd think he was saying "sharrandah", and his frantic robot-like voice is just an ugly sound that annoys me like the screech of chalk, not least because it is a distraction from the dramatic situation.

2. His constant grimacing

This one is closely related to #1. As he pronounces words, he usually accompanies them with some kind of strange faces, as if to underline what he's saying. Some of these faces may be cool, but most of the time he just comes across as ridiculous and overacted. It's annoying and, again, distracting.

I'm talking about him clicking his jaws together, opening his mouth more than is necessary, lifting his chin to the skies for no fathomable reason as he's addressing people who are shorter than him, and snarling. Just look at his faces as he's addressing the Sycorax, just before pressing the red button, in "The Christmas Invasion".

Yes, Nine did make a lot of faces, especially overacted smiles. But I expect smiles are better than snarls, in the end. Besides, Nine (the character, not the actor) was clearly acting for others' sake. Ten really looks as if he does that because he thinks it's cool.

3. He can only be happy in incredibly shallow ways

Nine's most exultant moment was when he managed to save everyone at the end of "The Doctor Dances". Ten's happiest moments, as far as I can see, are when he's sharing silly jokes with Rose and bursting with glee at the idea of getting Queen Victoria to say "I'm not amused".

There's nothing wrong with being silly or childish from time to time. But the Tenth Doctor just doesn't seem capable of feeling anything deeply unless it's trauma. It comes across as if he was really shallow and only wallowed in self-pity and sadness to get attention.

4. He is smug and off-handed about other people's attraction to him

One sentence that really shocked me: "I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!". He's not humbled by her love, or grateful for it, or happy about it. The only thing that matters to him at that moment is that he can boast about having kissed someone really famous and glamourous. So:
  • the person's pedigree matters more than her personality
  • what they shared physically matters more than anything they shared emotionally
Same thing when he says of Martha Jones "She fancied me". It's not what he says, it's the tone: casual, almost derogatory. "She was a bit of an idiot," he might have said instead. Talking in that way about someone who roamed the Earth for a year to save him in "Last of the Time Lords", supported him financially in "Blink" and went through emotional hell to protect him in "The Family of Blood", not to mention saving his life several times, is just unforgivable.

And these are not the only instances. Take his casual comment that Queen Elizabeth's nickname (the Virgin Queen) is no longer accurate after he married her. Again, bit callous to say that about someone he abandoned.

5. He abandoned Rose on a dangerous ship

That's right. To save Madame de Pompadour, he abandoned Rose and Mickey on a ship that might have been (and in fact, was) deadly dangerous, knowing full well that it would take him 3000 thousand years to get back to them. 

To me, that's a double offence. First, it's deserting your friends for someone you just met. Second, given his infatuation with Madame de Pompadour and his supposed love for Rose, it's deserting your girlfriend the moment another girl bats her eyelashes at you. And he does it without a second thought.

6. "I am always all right"

Don't let his friends offer any comfort or sympathy when he's particularly traumatized. He'll just huffily reply that they're wrong and he is perfectly all right. He doesn't need anyone.

Pretending you don't need help is not just stupid, it's scornful, arrogant and it is an insult both to your friends' intelligence and their feelings. It's literally treating them like they're stupid for caring.

"The Girl in the Fireplace", "The Runaway Bride" and "Forest of the Dead" are some of the episodes in which he does this.

7. He can't spit it out

He just can't tell Rose he loves her. It would kill him. Never mind that he'd be ready to sacrifice his life to save her, but telling her something that would make her so incredibly happy? Not for the world. Not in "The Satan Pit", not in "Doomsday", not even in "Journey's End". Ever since Ghost, no one was ever that bad at saying the three little words.

8. He never went looking for Rose

She was stranded in a parallel universe that was impossible to reach. So what? By the time that happened, they had already crossed from one universe to the other twice. I just don't buy that he couldn't find a way. But he never even tried.

Rose beat the impossible odds to reach the Ninth Doctor, slim though her chance was of saving him. But the Tenth Doctor, with the TARDIS, all of time and space at his command, couldn't search for a way to be reunited with his true love. In the end, it was Rose who came to him.

If you ask me, he just fancied himself in love, but he was really quite relieved to get out of the relationship. It was becoming too serious anyway.

9.  He keeps making promises and breaking them

Starting with his promise to Rose that after losing her he would travel on his own. Took him seconds to meet Donna, and at the end of the episode he was asking her to travel with him. Then there was Martha. Then Joan. Then Astrid. Then...

Then there were all the times he promised to save everyone and didn't ("The Voyage of the Damned" may have been the most memorable occurrence of this, but far from the only one). You'd think after all that time he'd know his limits well enough to know what he can and can't do. It's not as if saving everyone was the usual outcome of his adventures; in fact, in all his time the Tenth Doctor never manages such a feat. Unless you count Forest of the Dead, which is kind of cheating since he just saves them to some kind of virtual world.

So, why keep making promises you know you will not be able to keep? That's deception. I guess the reason is he just wants everybody to think he's great. But it's a lie.

10. He expects people to depend only on him

This is the more unjustified given #9. Yet so he does. In "The Christmas Invasion", after spending half the episode unconscious and unable to stop the Sycorax, he blames Harriet Jones for acting as if she couldn't rely on him always being there. He also scolds Rose for giving up on him. I mean, it's a bit rich.

Even if he was always there when people need him, why should he be angry when they try and take care of themselves? The answer may be that...

11. He has to steal the show

Seriously, Ten is an attention-seeking whore. I mean all Doctors like applause, but Ten just has to draw attention to himself and be the star everywhere he goes. As in, making the news and the books of history.

Partying with Madame de Pompadour? He just has to invent a cocktail 200 years before its time. The Olympic torch has been dropped? He picks it up and cackles gleefully as the spotlight and 80.000 pairs of eyes follow him. Planet of the Ood? He asks if he can be the one to free the Ood's brain.

And if you think that's mild, there's his reaction to his daughter's death. He threatens the killer with a gun, then says: "I never would. Have you got that? I. Never. Would." And then he yells to the others: "When you start this new world, this world of Human and Hath, remember that. Make the foundation of this society a man who never would!".

I confess this left me dumbfounded. He's just lost her daughter, and who is the most important person around? Who does he choose to talk about? Who does he want them to remember? Him!

What about "Make this the last murder ever!", or "Never forget why my daughter died: so that you knew which way to go!" or "Let Jenny always stand for what violence brings!"? Am I the only one who would have expected something of that sort, rather than "Let's use my daughter's death to become their role model"? Anything for self-promotion, really.

12. He's power-crazy

This is a bit related to #9, #10 and #11 (the list items, not the Doctors). He can make himself genuinely believe that he ought to have as much power as possible, and that ruling the destinies of everyone in the universe is both within his rights and a good thing.

The most obvious example, of course, is the episode "The Waters of Mars", in which he is woefully proved wrong, both regarding the extent of his power and its goodness. Another often-quoted example is his decision to depose Harriet Jones. And yet another is the fact that, when Mr. Copper says in "The Voyage of the Damned" that if the Doctor had the power to decide who deserves to live and who doesn't, that would make him a monster, the Doctor looks sulky and doesn't reply. I suppose he can't quite bring himself to agree.

You know who that reminds me of? Anakin Skywalker. And we all know how that ended...

13. He's a hypocritical moralizer

This again is related to several of the above, but slightly different. Basically, Ten keeps telling everyone what's right and what's wrong, and unleashing the whole of his scorn (and sometimes his fairly powerful destructive abilities) onto those who don't abide by his rules.

Except he presents those rules as universally valid. Except he doesn't follow them himself. Except he claims to teach by example.

Take the "I never would" speech from "The Doctor's Daughter" which is one among many examples of the Tenth Doctor advocating against violence. Which is fine, except that he uses violence himself occasionally - and sometimes rather ruthlessly. Take "The Runaway Bride" where he murders the (innocent, as far as we know) children of the Racnoss. Or "The Family of Blood", where he subjects the eponymous family to endless torments.

So, we already know that he is self-important, that he is not consistent with what he says and that sometimes he believes he can do no wrong. This is something else. It's the fact that he's a lesson-giver, a patronizing moral lecturer who doesn't even have the redeeming trait of following his own rules. There's a word for it that I love: sanctimonious.

14. He can be atrociously selfish

Ok, he is unselfish a lot of the time, I won't deny that. But there is one occasion in which he was cruelly, unjustifiably selfish. And that's at the end of "The Family of Blood".

Never mind choosing a place to hide as a human where his companion would have to work as a servant-girl and endure racism and prejudice. Or putting in danger the whole local community just by being there. No, the biggest issue I want to talk about here is how he ends up his relationship with Joan Redfern.

Woman falls in love with human Doctor, human Doctor falls in love with woman, almost breaking Martha's heart in the process, and then human Doctor sacrifices himself and accepts to die so that the Doctor can return and save everyone else.

Joan is left with the Doctor instead of her human lover. She asks if he could make himself human again. He says he could. Will he do it? No. Instead, he offers her to come travel with him (never mind Martha's feelings) and just see what happens to their relationship.

I mean, man. You're talking to a woman from the beginning of the XXth century, a strongly moral, conventional woman, who just lost the love of her life. Is that a woman to talk into trying out some casual relationship with a stranger? How callous is that?

And the cruelty of telling her that you're denying her her happy end, even though you could grant it and it would cost you no effort whatsoever. I mean, why couldn't he turn human, spend his life with her, then take up again his life as a Time Lord? He would be so happy as a human; and from the looks of it, nothing that he felt for her as a human would affect him much as a Time Lord. So why not? The answer: she was just an unimportant human, who didn't rate him wasting time with her.

15. His meanness

This would doubtlessly be #1 if they were in order of importance. Sometimes, Ten behaves like an absolute shit. It goes beyond callous, insensitive or tactless to downright mean. And by mean, I mean stooping to hurting innocent, vulnerable people for no earthly purpose (I suppose an alien purpose there must be).

"The Shakespeare Code". Never mind waving off Martha's concerns about being in an environment where black people aren't even considered fully human, by telling her to just walk about like she owns the place (of course it works for him, he is tall, white and a male). That is just insensitive, and he does that quite often. And so do Nine and Eleven, every once in a while.

But that moment when he gets into a small bed with her, when it's obvious she has a crush on him, and he turns on his side to look at her earnestly, their faces a few inches apart, and he says... "There's something I'm missing, Martha. Something really close, staring me right in the face, and I can't see it." That is bad enough, especially when she smiles and looks back. And then he looks away and says... "Rose would know. That friend of mine, Rose, right now, she'd say exactly the right thing."

I swear, when I heard these words, I just couldn't believe my own ears. I couldn't believe he had said them, or that the Doctor, any Doctor, could be that mean. And then he went on. "Still, can't be helped, you're a novice." Yes, rub it in.

I don't know what was worse: the fact that he could think of a remark so incredibly hurtful, or the casual, quiet voice in which he delivered the blow. Not to mention the unfairness of the assertion: how would Rose have known what to say? I do know one thing, though: that was the exact moment when I gave up on Ten. 

Hurting his faithful companion where she was most vulnerable, for no reason whatsoever: for me, that was crossing a hard line.

So there you have it: why I couldn't love Ten if I tried, and I did try. If I had to add a sixteenth reason, it would be that he can be so very charming, compassionate and just swoon-inducing sometimes. And that's what makes him dangerous. If he was a git all the time, nobody would ever break their heart over him.

What do you think of these reasons? As you can see, I didn't even start on some of the stuff he is most reproached with: the god/saviour mystique, his mostly random way of dealing with situations, or his uselessness at the beginning of his incarnation and reluctance to go at its end. As a matter of fact, I don't really fault him for any of these. I do, however, fault him for each and everyone of the traits listed above.

Now I thought it'd be interesting to ask myself what were the positive traits that Ten had that neither Nine nor Eleven could boast. He's cute, but so is Eleven. He's a number of positive things (like a nerd), but none of them really turn me on, even if they are objective qualities.

Actually, if I look for things that I really like about him and only about him, there's just one: his knack for saving the day in really cool medieval fashions. Like the swordfight in "The Christmas Invasion", or his thundering arrival on a white horse in "The Girl in the Fireplace"; not to mention wearing a bow and arrows in "Blink".

That's it: one trait, and a rather secondary one at that. Sadly, not enough to outweigh all that's just been listed.

One more thing: I didn't write this to hate on Ten, I just wanted to help people put their finger on why he's such a turn-off for some of us. And I'd be grateful for any help to understand why he's such a turn-on for others, because what I've read so far hasn't really made it clear to me. And I'd love to love him; no one wants to hate the central character for forty-seven episodes in a series they like. So if you can help me there, I'm all ready. Thanks for reading!

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Liste des articles publiés sur ADD (Affaire-du-domicile.com)

Bonjour ! En avril 2013, j'ai commencé à publier des articles sur un site appelé Affaire-du-domicile. Ces articles proposent des conseils aux gens qui montent une activité professionnelle à domicile. Voici la liste complète, en commençant par les plus récents. 

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For your sake Badur

Summary: If the only way to save someone you love was to torture them physically and wound them mentally, perhaps for ever… would you do it? Could you do it, even if you would? And if you did… how would you live with the knowledge of it afterwards?
A young Faramir has been ordered to spy on the Orcs in Ithilien. There he meets someone completely unexpected. As memories from a luminous past flood him, he has to strive hard to keep some light in the present… for Badur, but also for himself.

For your sake Badur is a fanfiction published on the Faramir Fiction Archive. In addition to exploring gender equality (or lack thereof) in Middle Earth, it deals with issues like trust, assertiveness, selflessness, freedom and the healing power of sexuality and love. Click on the link to access the story and other relevant information about it.

Warnings: this work features physical and psychological torture, violence, strong language, and angst.

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Interview: Comment séduire et trouver sa moitié dans le monde d’aujourd’hui ?

Voici une interview de moi réalisée par Alexandre Cormont, coach star de Je Récupère Mon Ex, pour Magamour, son webmagazine sur le couple et la séduction. C'est la première fois qu'une interview de moi est publiée sur Internet, concrètement sur ma nouvelle activité de coaching. Je saute de joie !!! Et puis je vous la conseille, elle est bien :).